Celebrity love for the Dior earrings

Over the years I’ve been asked to post cheaper versions of Rihanna’s outfits and occasionally I’ve linked to lower price alternatives. Thankfully, Rihanna wears a mix of both high and low items. She even admitted in her last US Vogue interview that she buys accessories at places like Claire’s. Even if you have a crazy budget and can afford anything you want sometimes it’s worth it to buy something a bit cheaper. So this series of posts aims to give Haus of Rihanna readers some less expensive alternatives to Rihanna’s clothing and accessories. They may not match exactly but they will certainly match your budget. Everything will cost US$200 or less.

Rihanna wearing Mise en Dior and Diorific pearl jewelry at the Dior Resort 2015 fashion showJust last week Rihanna attended the Dior Resort 2015 fashion show wearing the brand’s Mise En Dior tribal earrings. The fashionista faves retail for around $500 at Dior boutiques worldwide but BaubleBar just released an affordable dupe for the asymmetric baubles.

Dior Mise en Dior tribal earrings versus BaubleBar Pearl 36- stud earringsThe Pearl 360 studs are a close match and are currently available in three colours – blush, gold and silver. Get them at Baublebar for just $28. That’s a savings of $470!

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